How To Make Collage With PhotoTime Collage Maker?

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PhotoTime Collage Maker is the easiest application to make a collage. Why? Because it makes itself instead of you. But how could it do this?

You choose the photos from your gallery and go on. It will show you a design according to the number and size of the pictures that you select. If you want to choose another template you can change it as you wish.

Then you can change lots of adjustments. You could swap photos, change grids, or the size of the photo that is seen in the collage. Then you can decide the background as you wish. There are lots of options.

When you agree with the design you could use filters for single or all photos easily. Or else, you can use filters for the collage completely. Then you could add stickers or write whatever you want by using a special font for you.

When you start to use it you will see that it is extremely simple. As the PhotoTime team, we want to say that our goal is to create the most user-friendly collage maker in the market.

And we are always open to new ideas. So please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to see you as a part of our team.

Here are some of our main features under the Collage menu:


PhotoTime aims to be the best collage maker of the Market.

Make photo collage with our smart layouts in seconds. Or, create a custom grid size, change border, and background! 


 Choose a square photo to fit for Instagram. You can choose Instagram’s every ratio or other ratios to square. Then directly post the entire picture on Instagram without any effort…There are a bunch of other sizes to choose from.

Photo Editor

 All-in-one photo editor provides a lot of editing tools: crop image, apply a filter, add stickers and text to image, draw on image with doodle tool, flip, convert, rotate.

PhotoTime Photo Editor and Collage Maker; “the best time for you!”

Umut A.

Co-Founder of PhotoTime Photo App And CTO of Grisoft Software

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