Add or Make Six Pack? Which One is Simple?

six pack
Six packs of user named maddog from Thanks for the photo and inspiration

Why do we show our six pack? (If we have it:))

Modern sapiens have a biological imperative to share something about our experience that we encounter in our daily routine. We don’t prefer to tell the whole story. We pick and share some of them.

But things are changed forever in our modern life. Because there are phones , social media, e-mails, etc. Instead of stories that we tell before. So why don’t we show our experiencesbetter? It is another biological subject that is written into our genes. We always want to seem better. It is a kind of way to release dopamine.

Before, we need have strong muscle to survive, but now, muscles means self-confidence.

In these days, we could do it with the applications that we download to our smartphones. In terms of photos, there are lots of apps in the markets. PhotoTime Photo Editor is one of them and it has unique features. When you use other editing apps and PhotoTime, you could easily notice the difference.

But what is the difference in terms of adding muscle and six pack?

Actually, there are a lot of them. But first, we need to talk about its user-friendly interface. You could reach a bunch of effects with some easy taps. Besides, you could crop your photo, edit its size, clear background, or change your body shape fairly easily.

You have a chance to collage your memories for yourself or share on social media. As I said before, it is our evolutionary need that we have our genes. So we could do it without a time loss.

But I have to say that, we should consider our health by the way. I mean, yes you can add muscle with PhotoTime, but why don’t we have it really. We could do it exactly. Don’t forget that “perseverance” is also coded to our genes as well.

So it is better not to confuse virtuality with the real world. Instead, we could mix them balanced. Because If we know which one is real, we could have a power on it. Because balance is power.

Having Sick Pack is very easy nowadays.
having this abs is very easy nowadays.

Onur A.
Co-Founder of PhotoTime Photo Editor
CEO of Grisoft Software

Learn how to add muscle and six pack, please read here.

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