Phones or Cameras? Which one is for you and what is your “Photo Editor” choice?

phototime photo editor
photo editor
Choose your mate! Phone or camera?

We are in the middle of odd times. Technology changed our habits inconvertibly. For instance, we take photos with our phones instead of cameras for many years. But the question is smartphone technology is compatible with DSLR or mirrorless cameras?

In recent years, many tech experts say that there is no need to have professional cameras
smartphone’s features as well. DSLR cameras may have better lenses or bodies but smartphones have insane CPU capability and high FPS ability.

Moreover, there are very well developed photo editing applications on our phones as well. So you don’t need to waste too much time to have edited photos. There is no need to manually photoshop your pictures. Instead, you edit your photos with some smart effects with your editing

What is the main feature of Phototime Photo Editor?

One of them is PhotoTime Photo Editor application in the store. There are some free
features you can use. And there are incredibly well, special smart features in it. For example,  you should make lots of work if you wish to change the background of your photo. Or, you need to spend time collaging your photos.

Photo Editor can convert the phone to a dslr.
Photo editor can convert your phone to a DSLR.

But you could do it easily with PhotoTime. It offers you some smart advice and you can choose whatever you want among them.
And it has some special effects to change your photo’s Aurora. So you can post your
photo on social media platforms.
It is the best way to see it yourself. As a PhotoTime team member and CTO of the app,
I would like to say that we will be honored if you have a chance to share your thoughts with
us. We want to develop our application with your bits of advice.

For more, you can visit for details or Google “PhotoTime Photo Editor” and read other posts.

PhotoTime; “the best time for you!”

Umut A.
Co-Founder of PhotoTime Photo App And CTO of Grisoft Software

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