Add Muscle To Your Body With An Application!

add muscle
add muscle to your body via your phone but don’t forget to do some exercise!

I recently read an article in The Independent about an application named Manly, which is very popular and very similar to our app. Actually, our app PhotoTime Photo Editor is an all-in-one app but it has a feature that is mentioned in this article. It is about an application that allows you to add muscle to yourself with a few taps and the argument about its psychological effects. I can fairly say they tried to look at it from every side. 

 In the aforementioned application, you can add muscle just like our application, and you can change the thickness of any part of your body such as the waist, neck, shoulder. Besides, you can change your hair and add a tattoo to your body. Or, you can add a beard and mustache to your face.

Add Muscle Via PhotoTime

We try to make a truly advanced software. As the PhotoTime team, we aimed to offer you a very different experience with a completely different interface and smart software.

If we look at the ethical and psychological part of the event, we can say that taking selfies has been a fashion for more than ten years. In these selfies, people can put on make-up, delete what they don’t want to see on their faces, or add filters to create a completely different atmosphere. Of course, too much of this is harmful. However, our main goal is to have fun! 

On the other hand, Instead of getting away from reality, we can take this as a goal. We can aim for this as our “dream body” and use this photo for motivation.

As a person, we don’t have a right to criticize someone or there is no place for body-shaming. But we have a right to do things like wearing a costume, change our body or do more for fun! If we have self-awareness, nothing like this becomes a problem for us. 

As a conclusion, we made a very entertaining application that gives you a chance to change your body “temporarily!” So if you want to use this app, use it, and have fun! If you want to have this body, be careful about your diet and do some exercise. It is quite simple:) 

Thank you for your time.

Onur A.

Co-Founder of PhotoTime Photo Editor

CEO of Grisoft Software

PhotoTime Photo Editor; Best Time For You!

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add muscle
It is very easy to add muscle, change your size, change hair or add tattoo with PhotoTime Photo Editor
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