Era of the Conflict Between Real and Virtual. It is the Time of “Photo Editor Apps”!

photo editor app
photo editor apps make you have more interaction.

Nowadays our Daily life is divided into two-dimensions. First is the real world, second is the virtual one. Yes, as you guess I am talking about social platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and the others.

We are living in a world that is very different from only a decade ago. I am even not going to compare it to the life that our parents lived before. And it seems it will be changing forever.

We don’t feel fulfilled without sharing our thoughts and feelings or posting our photos or videos to social media with many filters that shows what we do in our real life. Sometimes we share only imaginary things, sometimes we are seemed happy, sometimes angry. But mostly it is not the same with our mood at that moment. More often we try to be who we are really not!

Is Photo Editor app harmful?

I know you are confused. I am not criticizing or not trying to emphasize what is true. PhotoTime is a photo editor application. You can add muscles to your body, change your hair, your body shape, or background. So the conflict between real and virtual goes on. But something will come to your mind unconsciously. An idea will be in your head now: I can have this body! I can change my hair color. It is the day to have a tattoo! 

I mean you don’t have to use your imagination. You could see what you want. And there is no problem sharing it with the other people. Maybe it could boost your desire to have it in reality. 

As I said before, it is a unique time. The era of conflict between real and virtual. So it is up to you to make it an advantage for yourself.

Onur A.

The Co-Founder of PhotoTime Application.

PhotoTime Photo Editor; “best time for you!”

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