Blogger Review by Xavier Fernandes: What is My First Impression About PhotoTime?

Before starting, I want to thank the PhotoTime team to allow me to use this entertaining photo editing application. I will try to express my thoughts about it neutrally.

I am Xavier, 29 years old, married, and have two beautiful kids. I am living in São Paulo with my family. And I am very into photography and nowadays it is changed forever.

As you know, when we visit somewhere or go to a place for the first time, we take pictures to keep our memories physical or digitally. But we take the same pictures again and again. Same angle, same light, same background, same objects but no, we keep trying to find the best one. Especially women don’t like it and we have to retake it. And there are lots of useless and similar photos to stay in our phone’s memory.

In today’s technology, we don’t need it. We can capture the moment and then adjust it as we wish. There are some smart applications in the stores. PhotoTime is one of them.

What can we do with it?

Well, I am using this app for a few days and it has massive features. Actually, they could separate them and offer them as different apps but they decided to put them all together. So we could call it “one app to replace them all!”

clearing and changing background is one of the main features. You could do it easily and adjust it with some tools.

Plus, you could collage your memories, change colors, adjust the grid and use one of the fonts and write on your photos.

Therefore, there are some cool editors additionally. You can adjust your waist, arms, belly, face and you can add muscle to your body. You can choose a mustache, beard, or hair and add it. Or, you can add a tattoo to your body. It is very realistic and using it is very fun!

The one of the best thing you would like to grasp about PhotoTime, which puts bulging muscles, flawless beards, and funky tattoos at your fingertips.

GriSoft makes apps for anyone who curious about “retouch” It advertises its ability to “reshape” abs, waist, arms, legs and chest. Basically it is for body slimming or thickening.

Countless features are in the app. Of course, there are some subjects waiting to be developed. But the Team is very open to new ideas and they answer every question that people ask. You can reach them at

It is better to download it and try free for yourself. Then you decide it. For other reviews and more, you can check my Youtube channel. Thank you, guys! Keep rolling…

Xavier Fernandes

São Paulo, Brasil.

(Many thanks to Xavier for this overview.

The PhotoTime team)

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